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This article by @linclark is a wonderful exemplar of lucid, accessible, compelling technical writing:

Standardizing WASI: A system interface to run WebAssembly outside the web

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I’m not even mad!

I just got a replacement debit card from my bank; apparently they’re proactively upgrading everyone in my area to contactless cards for use with public transit. Cool, but in addition to the contactless feature and the chip, my new card also has old school raised numbers! 🧐😂😭😎

Would everyone please just stop force-pushing squashed changes to GitHub Pull Requests that are under review! 🤦‍♂️

High-tech Purim!

Have a Super Purim! חג פורים שמח!

Purim card showing my daughter wearing a Wonder Woman costume, smiling, with her arms in the air triumphantly. Caption along the bottom says “Have a Super Purim! ❤️ the Flaxes!”

I’ve been making software professionally for over 20 years, and I’m still baffled by how many of my peers dislike written communication.

We have dozens of information systems at our fingertips, but sure, let’s make decisions verbally and neglect to write down their rationales.

How many plug-in cars do you see in this shot? London has been making great progress!

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Enjoying some rays

Classic Alfas in White Plains!

I hadn’t realized that The Atlantic had succumbed so completely to the clickbait headline disorder that’s running rampant in the online “news” community. 😞

Screenshot of a “More Stories” sidebar showing a list of clickbait headlines, from an article page on theatlantic.com.

Whelp, my talk proposals to @WriteTheDocs Portland and OSCON have been rejected. 😞 Won’t stop me from going back to Write the Docs though — I was there last year for the first time and it was excellent. Tickets purchased! See you in May, Portland!

I just listened through the new album Tides of a Teardrop by Mandolin Orange and it’s beautiful.

UK friends! I’ll be speaking at the 7 March London Clojurians meetup at Funding Circle! My talk Growing a Clojure CLI Tool will be a case study in building and growing a usable CLI tool (one that runs tolerably on the JVM 😅). I hope to see you there!

I finished Kim Stanley Robinson’s new novel Red Moon last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it! As seems to be usual for his works, it’s a great mix of characters, ideas, and plot that combine into a compelling and thought-provoking experience. Similarly to his excellent New York 2140 it manages to remain entertaining while conveying his vibrant geopolitical ideas.

Cover image of Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel “Red Moon”

I just published an update to the website for the software architecture diagramming framework I’m working on, featuring an improved definition:

FC4 is a Docs as Code framework that enables software creators to author, publish, and maintain software architecture diagrams more effectively, efficiently, and collaboratively over time.

It’s quite a mouthful, I know, but I’m feeling good about it. It feels clear, comprehensive, and usefully specific.

Any and all feedback, suggestions, questions, etc would be welcome!

I’ve borrowed this Fiat 500E #bev for an extended test drive (fun!) and I think it might be shorter than my Mini Cooper (it’s certainly got much better visibility) so it seems I was able to park between two spaces!

#electriccar #sogoodsofar

This shitty throughput via my Verizon Wireless service is hampering my ability to work at my local library. 😡

Looks like I’ve got to cut back on my raw photo shooting… I’m a bit trigger-happy 😅

I just upgraded to a (used) 10.5” iPad Pro (2017) and wow, it knocks the socks off my prior tablet, a 2018 iPad (plain old). Everything is faster, smoother, better looking, better sounding — in fact the speakers are drastically better. Feeling pleasantly surprised + fortunate 😊!

Just submitted my talk proposal for Write the Docs Portland 2019! 😅