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The kid’s first jack o’lantern!

PSA: the bigger the 🎃 the bigger the mess!

Worth it!

Bay Area people! I’ll be around the 30th through the 7th — let’s hang out!

Farmer’s Market!

Would anyone be interested in an iOS app that backs up one’s photo library to a “cloud” storage service — including a restore feature?

Target customer is happy with iOS Photos and iCloud Photo Library but wants redundant backups. (I always try to keep georedundant backups.)


I need a new computer and I’m pondering whether I could get by with an iPad Pro + a Linux VM in “the cloud” a la Mark O’Connor. My biggest concern would be backing up my photo library. 🤔

Bay Area people! I’ll be around the 30th through the 7th — let’s hang out! Especially if we’ve never met in meatspace — let’s fix that!

When listening to news about Asia on NPR in our Toyota, it shows a picture of the band Asia.

Scott Chacon on the shitty “infotainment” systems in most modern cars, from the cogent and entertaining My Love Letter to the Chevy Bolt

Made me chuckle. I had the same experience in my ‘12 Legacy GT and ‘15 Outback.

Super productive day!

  1. Haircut
  2. Dentist
  3. Retrieved wallet from MTA lost & found
  4. Picked up absentee ballot
  5. Shopped at farmer’s market
  6. Fed + bathed kid
  7. Made travel arrangements
  8. Blogged
  9. Replied to some emails
  10. Drank wine

Yup — I earned me some PS4 time!

Picked up my Westchester County absentee ballot! I get to vote for @GeorgeLatimer37 early!

Currently wrapped around my eardrums: Pinkerton!

All my devices were plugged in overnight, and none of them charged. What dark sorcery is this? Who hast placed some vile hex upon me?

Dear friends: I’m excited and grateful to share that I’ll be starting a new job next week at Funding Circle! I’ll be designing, building, & operating stream data systems that enable fast, efficient, & effective peer-to-peer small-business lending. And I’ll be using Clojure too!